E-store closed

Space Engineers Prints closed its click and buy online store and discontinued direct distribution of 3d printed Space Engineers Collectibles.

We want to thank all Space Engineers players who supported us with a purchases of 3D printed collectibles or their own space ship design and helped to spread word about 3D printing from games around the world.

Temporary offer of 3D printed Astronauts and Red Ships is available at Shapeways store: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/binarynow

Want 3D print your space ship or other content?

We continue 3D printing service on demand. Each 3D print is individually priced with price starting at $100.00 per job. Price includes fee for a file repair, a cost for material based on a volume of the ship (Current price is $2.00 per cm3.) and cost of shipping. If you have a file you want us to 3D print, email it to custserv@spaceengineersprints.com and we will provide you a quote.

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